1.) Few things really critical to learn can be fully be conceptualized into 3 bullet points…sure, you can find a trio of stretches to do at your desk, or 3 ways to clean your muffin crumb filled keyboard…but rarely can decent HR or employee management knowledge be communicated in 3 bite sized snippets…(except maybe 1.) Hire well 2.) Communicate well 3.) Pay well).

2.) Catch phrases, simple sayings, and jargon are short cuts. Which means in this case, YOU cut YOURSELF short from authentic communication. And learning. Man…I’m super proud of that 3 short sentence combo….but it’s kinda’ ironic considering the context…sigh.

3.) Short numbered lists of advice have their place; they can motivate larger learning or make a nice touch point.  But they are the cotton candy of educational food: attractive, addicting, and sweet, but rarely nourishing.

Take the time to seek out a well rounded, creative, and original mental meals. Choose educational chefs who think of learning as an art form and take pride in presenting quality information very well.

Be selective about what goes into your nogg’in, and don’t put click bait junk food articles into your hat holder.

Your mind and well being will thank you for being satisfyingly selective. You really do deserve the best.