My HR Warrior Knowledge

Can Work for Your Benefit


Helping executives with talk tracks to solve tough HR problems and assisting their staff to align HR services optimally is my specialty.

Be it CEO coaching on difficult employee relations, corporate communications, or terminations.  Or assisting your organization in streamlining your essential HR structure of handbook, on-boarding, compliance, performance management, training, and retention; there are solutions.

I can save you time and help you shine.


It is my passion to train and speak; putting great ideas on stage.

Sharing constructive solutions and entertaining insights on HR hot topics, employee management, leadership best practices, and compliance issues for training events, conferences, and individual organizations.

I am never happier than when I am training more HR Warriors to succeed with real life progressive and tried and true HR insights!


Lisa, I may be able to sleep tonight thanks to your advice and guidance. I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and your support…know I appreciate you so very much… Your expertise in the field is the best I have seen in all of my professional career.

Cary Leigh Dacy
President & CEO
Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley

Lisa is a great speaker and presented the material in a way that was relatable to the audience. I also liked how she gave us specific company examples of incidents that have happened in the past so that we were all able to see the importance of what she was talking about.

I had already done the training and webinars etc, but Lisa and team kept my attention and presented the information in a fresh and useful way. Lisa really is one of the smoothest presenters I’ve ever seen and I told her that before the session as I’ve heard her in the online trainings so much and NelsonTalks!

Wage & Hour Training Attendees
Survey Feedback

Lisa is awesome! Great presentation.

Great compliance information and everything interactive…very fun and exciting.

Knows how to keep our attention; like pop quizzes throughout presentation and appreciate Lisa’s good energy.

Lisa made HR fun, and that is hard to do!

New Employee Training Attendees
Survey Feedback

Lisa’s opening made the meeting for me. She is my hero.


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